The Myths of Children The homeless children of Miami have developed an interesting and amazing belief system, which brings them hope and the ability to understand the world and the circumstances they exist in. This story, as written by Lynda Edwards for the Miami New Times gives an insightful and at times, beautiful look into the folklore and tales of the children.

One Good Thing…

RLP: And if all of us were doing one good thing, wouldn’t that add up to millions of good things?

What Would Jesus REALLY Do? Remember back during the Republican primary debate in Iowa when the then-candidates were asked, “What political philosopher or thinker do you identify with and why?” Well, our now-president was quick to flaunt his religiosity. He responded, “Christ, because he changed my heart.” Now I know this is old news, and it has already been established that Christ wasn’t actually a political philosopher, but I think it’s still an important issue that needs to be addressed. Although Christ was not a political philosopher, he had a lot to say about morality, and morality is almost inseparable from politics. Throughout his presidency, Bush has left no question that his somewhat peculiar morality has played an immense role in his policy and decision making.

Defined by Contradictions

I hate definitions – I hate defining things, people, ideas, music, whatever. I have a saying that I use on occasions “We are defined by our contradictions”. I like that saying because it acknowledges that you can never pidgeon-hole someone, and that nothing is ever clear.

My email signature says:

musician | activist | technologist

This was a crude attempt at refocussing myself, an expression of who I am. They are not the best words, but they do the best they can to describe my contradictions.

I am a person that is poltically active on the left but is also a business owner; a person that writes and plays music, who appreciates jazz to Ani Difranco to Something for Kate to Miles Davis to NIN to U2 to Aphex Twin to Michael Nyman to Bjork to Lamb, and yes, even country sometimes (there’s tonnes of other stuff, but enough for now); someone that knows and is excited by the promise of technology but at the same time abhors the depersonalisation, power constructs, and consumer/fetish nature of it all; a person that appreciates good art-cinema (whatever that means) but also gets a buzz out of watching the footy and (some) hollowood action flicks; a person that is deeply spiritual and appreciates what religions have to offer, but can’t seem to find peace with any one religion, nor find peace with not belonging to one religion.

I have noticed that my blog mostly reflects one part of what it is I do – politics. Don’t quite know how that happened, I think it is because I don’t quite feel I have an outlet for discussing these issues in the “real world”, although I am finding that is changing rapidly.

I do want to expand the content a little – but I’m note sure if I should start up sub-blogs, or just post it all here…

For the moment, I think I’m going to start posting on a little more broad a topic base, or try to at least. Any thoughts, let me know…