4WD angst

A small part of me laughed at the photo for this: Green.tv shopping channel launching ‘March 07’. Reminds me of the ‘Pajero’ naming issue – ‘Pajero’ apparently means ‘wanker’ in Spanish.

But then I thought: at least it’s dirty – maybe they actually used it off-road.

Which reminded me of a little jibe I’ve been using when I see a pristine clean 4WD in an urban setting: “Get it dirty or get rid of it…”. I don’t have an issue with 4WDs per se – if they’re used appropriately, I’m less opposed. But I find it hard to believe they are appropriate in urban settings most of the time.

Maybe I’m just getting cranky in my old age?


Ben posted this over here. He’s not sure why. Having seen it, I’m posting it here. Not sure why.

All I know is I really needed it today after a tough day at work to remind me why social media and the net are personal and important.

And I feel strangely compelled to post a video to YouTube all of a sudden taken with the iSight built into my iMac. (For some strange reason, I’ve never thought of it for doing that kind of thing.)

P.S. I saw Ben’s post testing the new website design I did for them. Check it out.

Green Electricity Watch – latest report

Green Electricity Watch reviews Green Power providers across Australia and produces a “scorecard” to help customers determine the wheat from the chaff when it comes to clean energy.

The latest report has just been released. Origin Energy continues their good form, but TRUenergy have also stepped up this year. Check it out if you were thinking of switching to Green Power soon.

And remember, some providers will try to offer you unaccredited “green power” – make sure you look for the Green Power green tick and only get the accredited offerings.

Spinning in Iraq

The Australian: Saddam sentence sparks clashes.

Police were battling supporters of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad last night when clashes broke out in the Iraqi capital immediately after the ousted president was sentenced to death.

Police exchanged machinegun fire with insurgents in the capital’s rebellious northern Azamiyah district, an area dominated by hardliners from among Saddam’s fellow Sunnis.

Sometimes the spin is subtle… In the first para, the author says “supporters of Saddam Hussein”. Second para, they become “insurgents”. The inference – that the “insurgents” in Iraq, responsible for the violence and bombings, are the last of the “supporters of Saddam Hussein”. The logical extension: the death of Saddam will see the insurgents off.

The idea that the remaining insurgents are Saddam supporters has long been discredited – especially by journalists like Robert Fisk who have been on the ground in Iraq. The anti-US sentiment in Iraq, fuelled by the lack of a clear timetable for withdrawal, continues to build support for the insurgents – the resistance (possibly a more appropriate term?) is not going anywhere.

The Bush administration, and the press, will continue to push this idea for some time to come. The inferences will become more subtle, but no less problematic.

Marketese in resumes

I’m working through a bunch of applications for the Web Developer position at WWF. I’ve come across a bunch of resumes that include a “Profile” or “Objective” at the top.

The last time I did my resume I had one of these too. But what I’ve realised is that most people just put fluff in there. Stuff like: “experience in delivering business solutions”, “increase revenue by providing web tools and web information using latest technologies”, “having strong passion in e-commerce marketing concepts”.

Can anyone say “marketese”? Of course, I appreciate people actually telling me what their career objectives are, but in almost every case the applicants haven’t. They’ve just put buzz-words and meaningless catch phrases in there.

When I was applying for my position at WWF I had a similar part of my resume. I used it to outline the fact that I wanted to move from the corporate sector into a position that was more aligned with my values. It was there to help demonstrate that although my experience was in the corporate sector, I was really motivated to shift into the non-profit and community organisation field. It was an attempt to provide added insight into why I was applying for the specific position. (I’m pretty sure I had fluff there for the jobs I wasn’t really interested in, and maybe that’s telling?)

But none of the applicants so far have used this device effectively. They’ve probably been told that it’s a requirement of putting together a resume and done the best they could to fulfill that requirement. I just wish they’d used it to tell me something real and meaningful, rather than what they thought I might want to see.

I should say that I’m certainly not holding anything against the specific applicants. I’m just noting it as a trend, and a note for the next time (in the distant future) I’ll have to put together a resume again.

Stormhoek labels

Hugh Macleod is blogging his ideas for Stormhoek wine labels.

My faves so far: 1, 2, 3 (though I reckon this would get a killer reaction too).

There are two wines I really want to try – Stormhoek, ‘coz I dig Hugh’s vibe, and Philip Shaw, coz I read about Philip in Dumbo Feather.

Pity I can’t get seem to find either (Stormhoek isn’t available here afaik, and Philip Shaw’s wines just aren’t appearing where I shop for wine). Pity…

Update: I just found you can buy Philip Shaw wines through Cellar Door. Anyone want to go halvies in a case?

Comments re-enabled

Due to a security issue I disabled the ability for commenters to register capabilities recently – I’ve re-enabled it today, so anyone that wanted to comment on recent posts can now do so.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

An Inconvenient Truth WWF advance screening

Speaking of An Inconvenient Truth – if ya want to come along to an advanced screening, WWF is putting on a preview on September 6 at Dendy Opera Quays. Tix cost $15 with a small proceed going to WWF – but as you know from my recent review, I think it’s a must see film so come along if ya can. I’ll be going, and hopefully hanging about for a few drinks after at the Opera Bar.

Bookings through WWF – details here.