Do we need more bling?

Kineda – With a tagline of “the fabulous lifestyle only bling can bring” and featuring $1 million laptops made with leather and precious metals, it’s kinda the antithesis of the sustainable lifestyle. I’m sure somebody will dig it, but I’ll pass thanks…

Assistance in the dark

This is fantastic: Don’t be left in the dark during Earth Hour.

Australia’s leading blindness agency, Vision Australia is offering all-important advice for people taking part in tomorrow’s Earth Hour blackout in Sydney.

… Vision Australia’s Marketing & Fundraising Manager Trish Egan says, “Admittedly this advice is usually given to assist people who are blind or have low vision to live more independently. But there’s no reason why anyone can’t use the tips to help them move around safely during the blackout tomorrow night!”

Love it. Check out the full release – very clever.

P.S. 55,000+ individuals and 2000+ businesses are now committed – today has been HUGE I tells ya…

EVs in the media

The head of marketing at Tesla Motors has written a thought provoking blog post about the media’s approach to EV vehicles.

I have to agree with some of the comments – even the negative ones. But it is pretty amazing to see how far Tesla have already come and what’s on the horizon. Definitely worth checking out…

Unexpected pleasantries and low-footprint beer

Ang and I decided to duck out for dinner at a local restaurant in Newtown tonight. While we were waiting to order, the two people we were sitting next too offered us a beer. I was a bit taken aback, and asked why and they said “we just want to chat”.

The couple were from Kansas, Missouri, USA. The gent was a military pilot who is training to fly B2 bombers. The lass was a journo working for a magazine covering social trends, particularly in rural areas.

We had a lovely conversation that ranged from touristy things to politics to the environment (of course) and many stops in between. It was a lovely, unexpected, evening.

And we had one of those moments where you realise that tourists sometimes get to know your local area better than you do. The beer they offered was a James Squire Pilsner. It was a nice drop, and we asked why they chose it: “it’s a local beer apparently”. Then we realised it was brewed in Camperdown – just down the road from where we live.

Neither Ang nor I are beer drinkers, but we’ve taken a shine to Amstel. This presents an ethical dilemma. Amstel is an imported beer, and we were concerned about the eco-footprint of the product. Yes, we’re that eco-geeky.

Given we’re so far enjoying the James Squire – and you can’t get a much smaller footprint than “imported from just down the road” – we might have just found our new beer.

So thanks to two yanks who are in Newtown for one night we’ve been introduced to our new favourite beer from just down the road…

Tonight has been full of unexpected moments – I mean how often does that sort of thing happen? Makes you realise it’s fun to be alive. Thanks to J and B, our friends for this evening. Hope you have a great time on the Great Barrier Reef!