I don’t know why this is funny…

But it is…

A friend said it’s a section from a movie called “The 11 Commandments” which is kind of like a French interpretation of Jackass (apparently). Word is it makes a little more sense with sub-titles.

Some more if you like it: 1, 2.

Fast Food Nation

Mickey D’s spends a couple of hundred thousand dollars to promote a campaign telling us to Make up your own mind about whether their food is ok for you or not.

I was at a seminar just before my holidays (which explains the lack of updates around here of late) and the MD for Clear Blue Day was there sharing some really useful tidbits. When discussion turned to viral marketing, he mentioned that they wondered “is it ‘make up your own mind’ or ‘make up your mind’? hmmm… I wonder if they’ve registered ‘makeupyourmind.com.au‘”.

They hadn’t… The result is a quick redirect to Fast Food Nation. Nice jujitsu move that one…

I’d love for Clear Blue Day to go one step further though. Put up a form where you can sign up to tell McDonalds that you would like to make up your own mind – that you’d like a tour of the facilities depicted in the ad and to ask questions on the way.

I wonder how many expressions of interest they’d get? Perhaps the PR agency for Fast Food Nation here in Oz would be interested in putting something together?

Bonus link: Toby has posted a review of Fast Food Nation.