Initial impressions of the HPI Bullet 3.0 ST Flux

This post is a bit of a departure from the usual fair on this blog, but I wanted to document my experiences as there seems to be a dearth of information around about the radio control car I recently bought — the HPI Bullet 3.0 ST Flux.  My wife Ang took this great snap of it in action:

HPI Bullet 3.0 ST Flux on dirt

I haven’t had an RC car since I was a teenager (I had a Tamiya Frog which I’d modified pretty heavily by the time I’d finished with it, and an ill-fated Mugen Mercury) so I’ve spent a bit of time “re-learning” with regards to maintenance etc.

For this post I’m not going to go over what’s in the kit — there are some good reviews already around for that.  Instead, over the jump I go into more detail on the learnings I’ve made in use, perhaps providing some insight into what other owners might expect if they get a Bullet Flux themselves.