Another show on 28 Dec

Just a quick note to say that in addition to the Fuzu gig with The Devoted Few at Gasworks on 28 Dec, I am performing a solo acoustic set at Mars Hill Cafe in the afternoon (partly as a promo for the gig in the evening).

There’ll be a cross-over of songs that we’ll be playing in the evening, but with very different arrangements. If you can make both, I’ll probably be doing dinner somewhere around there before setting up for the Gasworks show, so lemme know if you’re interested in hooking up…

Yes, I’m still alive…

…for those that might be wondering.

Work is crazy in the lead-up to a new campaign, and training up our new web developer… Yay!

Also busy packing and preparing for the move to the new apartment next Monday.

In the meantime we’ve managed to score our first gig for my new band!!! Two gigs in fact – the first is on 28 December with The Devoted Few and Neon Knight at Gasworks Parramatta.

The second is a slot early on 24 January at the Sando in Newtown.

Anyways, just thought I’d pop up for air. Gotta get back to it…