Tesla Motors presentation – one for the energy geeks

Tesla Motors have posted a short segment from a recent presentation that highlights the energy efficiency of electric vehicles over those that use hydrogen or biofuels directly. In short, electric cars are at minimum twice as efficient as the alternatives in terms of energy required for miles traveled.

It also looks at the land mass required to replace 50% of US car travel using electric vehicles powered by electricity. Specifically, looking at the difference in land mass required to generate the electricity from solar, “best-case” cellulosic ethanol (this type of ethanol is currently in the research phase if I’m not mistaken) and corn-based ethanol sources. Of these options, solar is by far the clear winner.

To a lot of my readers, that probably sounds like a bunch of gobbledygook. But it is very impressing to a (budding) energy-geek like me…

Theme switching

Some of you may have noticed I’ve been a bit of a theme-slut on this blog the past few weeks. I still haven’t found the right theme for what I’m after, and I don’t have the time to build my own.

The current theme is black minimalism theme which is nice to look at, to be sure, but is still not quite there. (Plus I can’t seem to get the tagging plugin working). It’s based on K2, which I’ve trialed previously, but is a single column jobby (which means the blogroll and links and about are all at the bottom of the page).

I also really wish K2 was widgets aware – hopefully they will start to move in that direction soon. Mebbe I’ll have time one day soon to actually do the minimalist design I have in my head. Until then, expect the themes to keep a changin’.

Ugly is good

Ze Frank: "Ugly when compared to pre-existing notions of taste is a bummer. But ugly as a representation of mass experimentation and learning is pretty damn cool."

I keep hearing about Ze Frank – this is the first one I’ve checked out. I’m intrigued…

WWF Futuremakers email newsletter design featured by Campaign Monitor

The heading kinda says it all, but we’re very chuffed that Campaign Monitor has featured our Futuremakers email newsletter in their design gallery. The design was created by Massive Interactive in collaboration with us, and we put together the HTML behind-the-scenes.

The HTML is unfortunately a bit of a mess because we wanted the design to look good in a wide variety of email clients (including Gmail and Hotmail) which meant a lot of less-than-satisfactory hacks to get the desired end result.

We’ve been using Campaign Monitor for the last three or four emails that we’ve sent out, and the service is excellent. We’ve run into a couple of small issues, and they’ve been very prompt in responding to our feedback, which has been fantastic.

It’s very cool to be featured in the gallery especially because I was following the gallery well before we were a customer, and learnt an enormous amount about how to develop a compelling newsletter. Their blog articles on CSS and best practices have also been invaluable.

3 days and $1500

Third and Grand: I know a few people that have tried to make this work. Swish site – I hope they do well – it’s a service that I think is important to support the small business community.