Treehugger – ads in the RSS feed

Treehugger was recently bought, and today I noticed graphic, animated advertisements in their RSS feed. Not. Happy. Jan! The animation is incredibly annoying, especially because it’s animated, and it’s the same ad in a number of posts.

I hope they come to their senses and give me my clean, ad-free RSS reader back. I post links to Treehugger and visit the site all the time – they can get their eyeballs there, not in my RSS reader.

Update: Seems the ads have disappeared again. Perhaps just a glitch in Feedburner or something?

Update 2:Nup – they’re back. V. annoying… And to make it worse, the same ad appears over and over and over again and are completely irrelevant to the content. Meh…

Not with our money

Not with our money

You may have noticed, like I have, just how many government ads have been on telly the past few months. It’s a long running trend – starting some years ago.

These ads bug me on a number of levels, but I have often wondered just how much public money (our money) is being spent on what often amounts to little more than propaganda for the government’s (mostly unpopular) policies.

GetUp have just launched a campaign that puts the figure at $2 billion since the government took office – $200,000 of that this year.

Yep, you read that right – $2 billion! GetUp claim that that works out to be around $1 million a day.

This is what GetUp are asking for:

GetUp is calling for the introduction of a new law that ensures that:

  1. All future government advertising costs (from focus groups to media buying) are publicly available and easily accessible to the community via an annual report
  2. All advertising above $250,000 is to be approved by an independent auditor who applies strict guidelines to limit advertising to the dissemination of public information
  3. These guidelines are to be developed with public consultation with the final guidelines to be publicly available
  4. These conditions to apply in both the federal and state governments within 1 year
  5. A cap of $100 million p.a for total government advertising spending is to be imposed with any additional money to be approved by parliament.

The $100 million cap even seems high to me – I’m amazed that rules like this don’t already exist. Time we had some methinks…

Petition to stop SBS advertising

I wrote a little while back about changes in the way SBS handles advertising. Seems I’m not alone.

There is now a campaign site and petition called Save our SBS [thanks Priscilla]

Now – I’m not 100% convinced that SBS should stop showing advertising altogether, but the site does make a good case that removing advertising from the SBS charter will stop the rot. I just hope that, at a minimum, they get rid of the interruptions and go back to ads between programs…

Adobe pimping its wares

So you got a new product. And your website design is based around having some great pull-quote, preferably from some cool design shop.

But every so often, you can’t get a quote. So you use your own Senior Creative Director, or worse, the Product Manager.

I don’t get it – do Adobe think we’re going to buy the spoutings of their own team? Even if it is cleverly disguised as “real quotes from real people” – geez…

Note to Adobe – go check out Campaign Monitor or 37signals. They’ve got real customers talking about their products – not their product managers.

Fast Food Nation

Mickey D’s spends a couple of hundred thousand dollars to promote a campaign telling us to Make up your own mind about whether their food is ok for you or not.

I was at a seminar just before my holidays (which explains the lack of updates around here of late) and the MD for Clear Blue Day was there sharing some really useful tidbits. When discussion turned to viral marketing, he mentioned that they wondered “is it ‘make up your own mind’ or ‘make up your mind’? hmmm… I wonder if they’ve registered ‘‘”.

They hadn’t… The result is a quick redirect to Fast Food Nation. Nice jujitsu move that one…

I’d love for Clear Blue Day to go one step further though. Put up a form where you can sign up to tell McDonalds that you would like to make up your own mind – that you’d like a tour of the facilities depicted in the ad and to ask questions on the way.

I wonder how many expressions of interest they’d get? Perhaps the PR agency for Fast Food Nation here in Oz would be interested in putting something together?

Bonus link: Toby has posted a review of Fast Food Nation.

Online advertising stats

I’m sure I’m not the first to notice, but I realised today that it is very difficult to find stats on the actual effectiveness of online advertising.

There’s lots of stats and announcements about ad spend, but very little on cost-per-click.

I’m not a fan of online advertising as it is (even though we’ve been testing it for campaigns and will probably do some more testing for specific fundraising appeals), and this lack of information just makes me all the more dubious about its effectiveness.

Update: seems I’m not alone.