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  • Ross Gittins – "It's gamesmanship, and we all lose" – "If [Kevin Rudd's] latest compromise fails, it will be because of an impasse between those decrying the scheme as too tough and those objecting it isn't tough enough. Such a failure of will reflects no credit on any political party or interest group involved. All the political parties are playing games for their own short-term advantage."
  • NSW Switches Its Brain Off – NSW continues to lead the way in stupid, short-sighted decisions. Can we, like, sack the entire government and opposition and start again?
  • Unleashed: The numbers prove Turnbull wrong – "The federal opposition is calling for the re-introduction of Temporary Protection Visas (TPVs) to deter people from risking the dangerous journey to Australia in unseaworthy vessels in the hope of seeking asylum. The protection of life is a worthy aim indeed. But Mr Turnbull has got it wrong."
  • The Crisis of Credit Visualized – Excellent visualisation of how the credit crisis came about using info-graphics.

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Synapse sparks (03-Mar-2009 through 27-Mar-2009)

  • Unleashed: Web of secrecy – Mark Pesce on the ACMA blacklist leak this week.
  • Willie Smits restores a rainforest – An inspiring example of clever thinking, local engagement and ecological intelligence to regenerate and revitalise a community and gorilla habitat in Indonesia.
  • The illusion of clean coal – "The private sector, however, is reluctant to fork out not just because of the upfront cost of power plants, but also because, tonne for tonne, CCS looks like an expensive way of cutting carbon. The cost of it may fall, but probably not by much, given the familiarity of the technologies it uses." Yet more evidence that "clean coal" is a pipe dream. How 'bout we follow the market and invest public funds where the private funds are going?
  • Choice ATM Watch – The folks at Choice Magazine are watching the banks to see what charges they are clobbering ATM users with. Leave a comment on the site with your experience…
  • Designer baby row over US clinic – I love Gattaca (the movie), in part because of its "just in the future" predictions around genetic selection and how that might impact society. Seems we'll be grappling with those questions soon…
  • Getting Priorities Right – Humorous anecdote suggesting how to get your life priorities right. [hat tip @rosshill]

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  • Obama to Limit Executive Pay to $500,000 a Year Under New Rules – "President Barack Obama will announce tomorrow that he’s imposing a cap of $500,000 on the compensation of top executives at companies that receive federal rescue funds, an administration official said." About. Bloody. Time….
  • Israel’s use of white phosphorus confirmed – "Amnesty International delegates visiting the Gaza Strip found indisputable evidence of widespread use of white phosphorus in densely populated residential areas in Gaza City and in the north. … Such extensive use of this weapon in Gaza's densely populated residential neighbourhoods is inherently indiscriminate. Its repeated use in this manner, despite evidence of its indiscriminate effects and its toll on civilians, is a war crime,"
  • Rudd hampers police child-protection efforts – "$2.8 million, which the Howard government allocated to expand the Australian Federal Police’s Online Child Sexual Exploitation Team (OCSET), was instead used by Rudd to help create Conroy’s $44.5 million Rabbit-Proof Firewall. … Without that money, OCSET simply doesn’t have the staff to investigate all of the suspected pedophiles it already knows about."

Synapse sparks (08-Dec-2008 through 03-Jan-2009)

  • Why give music away for free? – Interesting discussion on the "give music away and make money elsewhere" meme. I've left a few comments in the thread – but worth a read if you're interested in the topic.
  • Tesco Develops Tool to Eco-Screen In-Store Materials – From the article: 'Retailers often think about the environmental impact of their buildings, but not the items inside the store, such as signage, shelving, service desks, and trolleys, said Tesco environmental design manager Richard Denton. “[We] didn’t want to stop at the door,” he said.' Good to see another big corporate looking into the impacts of their core business, not just their own operations.
  • Australian Government response to ALRC Review of sedition laws in Australia – December 2008 – The Government will be removing "sedition" from the Criminal Code. These laws could be used to prosecute legitimate dissent in Australia, so their removal is a big step forward for civil liberties.
  • Low emissions coal technology: news, views & facts – Propaganda from the coal industry about how much they're doing about CO2. So hollow it would be funny if people weren't likely to buy into the BS. There is no such thing as "clean coal" – even if sequestration works, it only delays the inevitable…
  • – 90-Second Animation For Global Day of Action – Cool animation/video/visualisation in support of a global day of action on global warming.

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Recently linked (19-Nov-2008 through 01-Dec-2008)

  • Children's welfare groups slam net filters – Even child welfare groups are calling on the government to spend their money in better ways…
  • GetUp! Save the Net – GetUp! are supporting efforts to stop the Government's planned internet filter.
  • The benefits of certification – My first post on the Green Loves Gold sustainable business blog – looking at certification, in the clothing/textiles industry in particular, and why it's important for sustainable businesses
  • Is the panic over Detroit real? (Scripting News) – Interesting reading – in a sense a response to my recent "let them fail" post.
  • Anti-Terrible Laws – GetUp action protesting and asking for the repeal of the terrible, draconian and damaging legislation introduced by the Howard Government pertaining to "anti-terrorism" action.

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