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Me playing with Fuzu at the Hopetoun Hotel 23-Apr-2007 © Charlie Brewer http://www.flickr.com/photos/charliebrewer/469871336/

Me playing at the Hopetoun Hotel with Fuzu, 23 Apr 2007 (back when I still had hair!) Photo: Charlie Brewer

My name is Grant Young, and I’m what they refer to as an “Inner-Westfugee” living in Katoomba, Australia.

I work at Wattwatchers, with an aim of creating a more sustainable, fair and efficient energy future. I’m responsible for the software stack—from the point where the Wattwatchers devices talk to our servers, through to the services that make that data available to our customers (and beyond.)

I am also a co-founder (and former Chief Design Officer) of online accounting application Saasu and the now-defunct local energy trading platform Nexergy (a bit about our journey remains online at our [Medium blog](https://medium.com/@Nexergy)). I also used to run Zumio, a social innovation service development and consultancy business, which helped for-purpose organisations use design thinking to engage their constituents and unlock their team’s potential in achieving their mission through digital technology.

I am a singer-songwriter, primarily performing on guitar and bass. Most recently I fronted Sydney band Fuzu. I’m currently working on a couple of projects, early output of which can be found on the [Forgotten Lights Soundcloud page](https://soundcloud.com/forgottenlights/).

In 2012 I completed my Masters in Sustainable Practice. My studies revolved around the themes of design thinking, local food, mobile services for behaviour change, shared value and small business.

I also am a board member of Blue Mountains Economic Enterprise, working to diversify and strengthen economic opportunities in the region in which I live, with a specific emphasis on the creative industries through the award-winning [MTNS MADE](https://mtnsmade.com.au/) initiative.

Oh, and I’m a mad keen mountain biker, and crossfit enthusiast—I love riding the trails up and around the Blue Mountains (and beyond) and have kinda become a bit obsessive about it of late, and loving connecting with the peeps at [Cross Fit Katoomba](https://www.crossfitkatoomba.com.au/).

On this blog I write about lots of stuff that I’m passionate about—sustainable living, music, politics and other meanderings. Given I work in areas that I’m passionate about, I sometimes write here about things that are related to my work. But please don’t confuse what gets written here with the thoughts and position of my employer—they are my thoughts alone. But you were smart enough to work that out already, weren’t you? 😉

Feel free to register with this site (so I know you’re not a spambot) and let me know your thoughts about anything I post. Just keep it on topic and civil, and I’m sure we’ll get along. Anyone starts name-calling or getting nasty and personal and my bouncers will have you out of here faster than you can spell “troll” 😉 Oh, and if you’re leaving a comment about a business or organisation you are affiliated with, please disclose that affiliation in your comment.

But enough about me. I hope you get some value out of what I have to say and share.

Light, love and peace. G

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