Long time, no post

I’ve been very slack in posting here of late, mostly because I’ve been very busy with a whole bunch of life stuff, like:

Selling our apartment: Ang and I successfully sold our 1 bedroom apartment in Newtown at auction. It was a bit hairy as clearance rates plummeted in the weeks leading up to the auction date, but we had a really great agent in Nick Moraitis at Ray White Inner West and we ended up reaching our target. Needless to say we’re very happy with the result…

Moving: in preparation for the sale, we worked out that we’d be best to move out and rent furniture during the period of open houses etc. It was all very last minute — about 3 weeks between appointing our agent and having to have everything packed and moved! Thanks to the generosity of Ang’s family we’ve got a place to stay in Merrylands until we find our next place. It’s taken a bit to get used to commuting again, but we’re feeling reasonably settled now and back into some semblance of routine…

House hunting: so now we’re looking for a new place to live. We decided to move because we wanted some separate living areas (e.g. an office space, music room etc.) as well as a (small) yard for a dog or two. That means that we’re looking at the lower mountains and Penrith area for our next move. We have to wait until settlement (mid-July) before we can start making offers, but we’ve starting checking out a few places already, and there’s been some good ones on offer, so hopefully we’ll be able to get somewhere that we’re happy with soon.

Uni: This weekend just past I handed in my last essay for my 3rd semester of uni. I’m still really enjoying it, and despite this last semester being the most stressful in terms of juggling everything, I am still very energised to be doing the course. I’m really happy with my progress to date — so far I’ve been able to achieve HDs for my elective subjects (my core subject is a pass/fail subject), and my core subject has been awesome in terms of the structured sessions (which I head down to Melbourne for). I’m also really enjoying working on FlavourCrusader and my other essays too — been very rewarding. I now have 4 weeks off, then back into it to co-authoring a book chapter with my good friend and colleague Penny Hagen reflecting on and extending the work to date on FlavourCrusader (provided timings all work out). I’m also looking forward to attending the Communities and Technology conference in Brisbane next week, in part due to my involvement in the book chapter.

Hello Sunday Morning: during all of this, a friend and I signed up too Hello Sunday Morning (HSM) — we’ve committed to not drinking alcohol for 3 months. We started on 1 May, so will be finishing up at the end of July. Of course, that means I’ve not been able to enjoy a drink to celebrate the apartment sale, the State of Origin, nor will I be celebrating my birthday with a drink. So perhaps not the best timing 😉 You can find out more about why I signed up, and my reflections on the experience to date, over at the my blog on the HSM site.

I’m hoping that the second half of this year is a little less eventful!

  • Hi

    Well done and Can I challenge you, in 3 months can you say that your quality of life has dimished by not being able to celibrate without alcohol, continue to challenge conditioning such as we need alcohol to feel that we have celibrated.

    Testing point for me was my best mans 40th, I was the one of the last to leave at about 4am, had a ball and not one alcoholic drink.

    Downside was , developed a taste for fine food LOL

  • Hi Bruce — I’ve had a similar thought. It is a little disturbing to consider that we are finding our “quality of life” diminished by not having alcohol — it does speak volumes to the role that alcohol plays in our culture. I, too, have ended up replacing alcohol with food — I’m not sure that either is particularly healthy. That said, this experience has demonstrated to me that my relationship with alcohol is reasonably healthy, and I won’t be continuing abstaining after Sunday. But I am certainly much more aware of my habits in relation to alcohol, and that has certainly changed my perception of it, and I dare say my habits, over the duration of the HSM.

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