What’s going on?

So what has been going on? In short:

  • I’m about 6 months into a personal training program with Vision Personal Training at Stanmore. So far I’ve dropped from 98kg to 84kg and am feeling better than I’ve felt in a long time. I’ve found the hardest thing is managing my food – especially keeping my carbohydrate intake balanced. Surprisingly the exercise side of things has been pretty easy. I finish up in a month, so then will be on my own – hopefully I’ll be able to keep the good habits going…
  • I’ve moved into an office in Elizabeth street – sharing a space with the crews from Saasu and Datarati. We’re on Level 1, 111 Elizabeth Street in the city (CBD – between Market and King street). I’ve been enjoying riding into work and it’s great to be working in a more lively environment than the study alcove at home.
  • I’ve started uni, studying the Master of Sustainable Practice at RMIT. No, I’m not moving to Melbourne (although I’m really enjoying the place) – the course is structured with one intensive mode study day per month (usually a Saturday) so I’m flying down for that and doing the remainder remotely. Ironic in a sense to be flying for a sustainability course – but I offset both through Virgin Blue (to let them know I care about carbon reduction, but they use credits from forestry-based sequestration projects which I don’t believe are sufficient) and also Climate Friendly for good measure and to ensure that there is a real reduction in CO2 to offset the flights. So far the course has been going ok, though I am a little behind due to work commitments – I have my first official assignment due tomorrow – so reminding myself what that’s like.
  • I’ve joined the Executive Committee of our apartment complex strata plan as Secretary – and the experience has been, shall we say, challenging… Trying to implement measures to increase transparency and accountability into decision making processes, in part by using online tools like Basecamp, is part of my goal. But frankly, I’d just like for us to have consistent hot water! So small steps first…

That’s the “big ticket items” I can think of right now. The remainder of my time has been spent rebooting Zumio and with family & friends. Been a bit hectic on the work front – so looking forward to things settling down a tad over the coming weeks (and perhaps being a bit more vocal here…)