Synapse sparks (24-Apr-2009 through 06-May-2009)

  • Ross Gittins – "It's gamesmanship, and we all lose" – "If [Kevin Rudd's] latest compromise fails, it will be because of an impasse between those decrying the scheme as too tough and those objecting it isn't tough enough. Such a failure of will reflects no credit on any political party or interest group involved. All the political parties are playing games for their own short-term advantage."
  • NSW Switches Its Brain Off – NSW continues to lead the way in stupid, short-sighted decisions. Can we, like, sack the entire government and opposition and start again?
  • Unleashed: The numbers prove Turnbull wrong – "The federal opposition is calling for the re-introduction of Temporary Protection Visas (TPVs) to deter people from risking the dangerous journey to Australia in unseaworthy vessels in the hope of seeking asylum. The protection of life is a worthy aim indeed. But Mr Turnbull has got it wrong."
  • The Crisis of Credit Visualized – Excellent visualisation of how the credit crisis came about using info-graphics.

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