Launching The Point

So in my recent busy-ness, I’ve neglected to post on what’s been happening in Fuzu land…

First single

We recently ran a competition asking folks to choose our first single from our new EP The Point – which they thankfully did 🙂

We’re kicking off with Fire Exit, which you can check out on
MySpace or download from the Fuzu website (does anyone know where the download link went from MySpace’s player? We’ve enabled downloading, but can’t seem to see the download option in the player anymore…)

Launch gig

Launch gig poster (details reproduced below)

We’re booked in to launch the EP at the Supper Club on 9 July.
The Rapids and Sean Carey, who also engineered the EP, will be joining us for the night.

We’re looking forward to officially launching the EP and showing off the limited edition packaging; each is hand screenprinted and numbered, and featuring fab artwork from We Buy Your Kids.

We’ll also be playing the tracks off the EP and debuting some new material. Should be a fun night 🙂


The Point is now available on iTunes – which is always a buzz. We’d be stoked if you could leave a review as well. (And just a note that you can also get our previous EP Between The Lines there too…)

Synapse sparks (24-Apr-2009 through 06-May-2009)

  • Ross Gittins – "It's gamesmanship, and we all lose" – "If [Kevin Rudd's] latest compromise fails, it will be because of an impasse between those decrying the scheme as too tough and those objecting it isn't tough enough. Such a failure of will reflects no credit on any political party or interest group involved. All the political parties are playing games for their own short-term advantage."
  • NSW Switches Its Brain Off – NSW continues to lead the way in stupid, short-sighted decisions. Can we, like, sack the entire government and opposition and start again?
  • Unleashed: The numbers prove Turnbull wrong – "The federal opposition is calling for the re-introduction of Temporary Protection Visas (TPVs) to deter people from risking the dangerous journey to Australia in unseaworthy vessels in the hope of seeking asylum. The protection of life is a worthy aim indeed. But Mr Turnbull has got it wrong."
  • The Crisis of Credit Visualized – Excellent visualisation of how the credit crisis came about using info-graphics.

These links come from my Delicious feed.