Synapse sparks (03-Mar-2009 through 27-Mar-2009)

  • Unleashed: Web of secrecy – Mark Pesce on the ACMA blacklist leak this week.
  • Willie Smits restores a rainforest – An inspiring example of clever thinking, local engagement and ecological intelligence to regenerate and revitalise a community and gorilla habitat in Indonesia.
  • The illusion of clean coal – "The private sector, however, is reluctant to fork out not just because of the upfront cost of power plants, but also because, tonne for tonne, CCS looks like an expensive way of cutting carbon. The cost of it may fall, but probably not by much, given the familiarity of the technologies it uses." Yet more evidence that "clean coal" is a pipe dream. How 'bout we follow the market and invest public funds where the private funds are going?
  • Choice ATM Watch – The folks at Choice Magazine are watching the banks to see what charges they are clobbering ATM users with. Leave a comment on the site with your experience…
  • Designer baby row over US clinic – I love Gattaca (the movie), in part because of its "just in the future" predictions around genetic selection and how that might impact society. Seems we'll be grappling with those questions soon…
  • Getting Priorities Right – Humorous anecdote suggesting how to get your life priorities right. [hat tip @rosshill]

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