EP progress/budget

In a previous post I outlined the costs of recording an independent EP, and hinted that with Fuzu‘s second EP we were trying to significantly reduce our costs.

Some friends who read the post found it useful, and I’ve also participated in some further discussions on a related post over at new music strategies.

As we’ve just completed mixing and mastering (i.e. we’re close to finished the project) I thought it might be worthwhile looking at the costs so far…


We recorded for two days at GPHQ with Sean Carey. We then did approx. 1 additional day of vocal tracking and some additional guitar parts at Sean’s home studio. Total cost across the (approx.) 3 days: $1780.


Sean was very generous and provided a discount on his mixing fees – keeping the total cost for mixing at: $800.

The process this time around for mixing is worth noting as well. Typically, when mixing in a studio, you book the studio for a set number of hours, you mix and you get what you get. There’s very little opportunity to listen to the songs for a while and tweak if things come up.

Sean mixed at his home studio using Pro Tools. This allowed us time to review each mix for a few days, and then recall the mix to make tweaks over time.

While the process was more drawn out (and big props to Sean for his patience!) we think the results were definitely worth it. We’ll definitely try to work this way in the future.


We worked with Kathy Naunton at dB Mastering for this EP. Kathy did a wonderful job – we’re really impressed – and also mastered 2 radio edits of songs in addition to the 5 EP tracks for: $610.

The tally so far…

So our first EP cost $4750 before pressing. This EP has come in at $3190 – i.e. about $1500 less.

Our artwork is currently under development, and (if all goes to plan) we’ll be doing a limited run of 100 hand screen-printed digipaks which we hope/expect will cost a lot less than the $2200 that pressing cost us the last time round. So we should be further ahead still by the end of the process.

I’ll post again once we’re done and do a final tally to see how it all adds up…