Synapse sparks (08-Dec-2008 through 03-Jan-2009)

  • Why give music away for free? – Interesting discussion on the "give music away and make money elsewhere" meme. I've left a few comments in the thread – but worth a read if you're interested in the topic.
  • Tesco Develops Tool to Eco-Screen In-Store Materials – From the article: 'Retailers often think about the environmental impact of their buildings, but not the items inside the store, such as signage, shelving, service desks, and trolleys, said Tesco environmental design manager Richard Denton. “[We] didn’t want to stop at the door,” he said.' Good to see another big corporate looking into the impacts of their core business, not just their own operations.
  • Australian Government response to ALRC Review of sedition laws in Australia – December 2008 – The Government will be removing "sedition" from the Criminal Code. These laws could be used to prosecute legitimate dissent in Australia, so their removal is a big step forward for civil liberties.
  • Low emissions coal technology: news, views & facts – Propaganda from the coal industry about how much they're doing about CO2. So hollow it would be funny if people weren't likely to buy into the BS. There is no such thing as "clean coal" – even if sequestration works, it only delays the inevitable…
  • – 90-Second Animation For Global Day of Action – Cool animation/video/visualisation in support of a global day of action on global warming.

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