Recently linked (02-Nov-2008 through 06-Nov-2008)

  • Obama-Wan Kenobi on Flickr – This has to be my new iPhone wallpaper…
  • CIO – Hands off the Internet – CIO mag chimes in on the planned filter and creates a petition to support their efforts (site sign-up required)
  • Barack Obama makes history by becoming the US's first black president-elect – Wow. Yay! That's the best way I can describe this news; the best news since, well, Howard getting ousted… I do hope that we see some significant change from his presidency.
  • nvohk – nvohk claims to be "the first community-managed, eco-friendly, lifestyle clothing company". They have just launched their first range of t-shirts, based on American Apparel tees.
  • Are Designers also Marketers? – Joshua Porter: "when designers are tasked with selling their product they make better products. When they are not tasked with selling their product they have less responsibility, and thus aren’t forced into getting feedback on what they’re making. It’s that feedback you get from selling, from your success/failure at marketing, which pushes back positively into the design process."

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