bookmarks (17-Jun-2008 through 19-Jun-2008)

  • Eco-Friendly Business Cards by Moo – Damn I wish I had good enough Flickr photos to print some Moo cards. Now they've got an environmentally friendly option – making them even cooler and more lustworthy…
  • GetUp! Fuel watch – A superb piece of work by GetUp!
  • Australia’s Climate Friendly – My friend Jess at Climate Friendly interviewed by the Carbon Catablog – a good introduction to Climate Friendly, who I recommend.
  • Shift to electric cars becomes inevitable – Great article on hybrid and electric vehicles at
  • – "Are your Representatives working for you in Australia’s Parliament?" This service allows you to search for what you’re MP has been saying in Parliament (among other things). Based on the open source software developed for

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