Ban the bombs

GetUp’s latest campaign action: Ban the bombs:

As the international community is meeting in Dublin to ban cluster bombs – that saturate the ground with mini-bombs awaiting innocent civilians – our government is going out of its way to frustrate the process.

They’re calling for their own stockpile to be excluded – and for the treaty to be watered down. We’ve got just a few scarce days left before the fragile international agreement is drafted.

The petition calls on Kevin Rudd to support the ban without loopholes or exceptions… bookmarks (02-May-2008 through 08-May-2008)

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  • Lovethreads – Australian ethical fashion retailer
  • Frasers Broadway: Australia’s Greenest Development – Is this really going ahead? Looks like an amazing development, though the artist’s impressions leave a lot to be desired…
  • Adidas Originals D-Nizza, re-made eco style – "Now that many of the classic Adidas styles are back in vogue, the label has chosen to re-release them in its Originals range. … the retro items are being made with environmentally conscious materials."
  • Eco-chic no passing fad – "Green fashion is more than a passing fad. It's a lifestyle choice, says Cynthia Spencer, a trend-spotter from New York."
  • Hemp given green light in Australia – NSW has just passed legislation allowing industrial hemp to be grown in the state. Pity that most of our processing infrastructure (spinners and weavers) have shut down – this could be a great crop for them to boost the industry.
  • Handcut Australia – Re-fashion house creating one off pieces from vintage clothing.

These links are automatically posted from my feed.