DHL green option

For some time I’ve been saying to friends and colleagues that I think we’ll start to see courier and freight companies go carbon neutral, especially when the “carbon tax” (whatever that looks like) comes into play.

The reason being is that it’s a pain in the proverbial to calculate emissions on externals like freight, so any options that require just a checkbox ticked (or fully carbon neutral operations) will be very attractive to businesses.

Well, it seems DHL have jumped ahead, offering a freight offset option for customers – 3% of the total value.

Like the news that Virgin (then JetStar) were offering offset options (flawed as both offerings are), this is a great step forward – especially coming from a market leader.

It also solves one little part of the puzzle for me starting up Soko Loko – freight will inevitably be involved in the operations, and I was having to work out how to calculate and offset the emissions. At least I know that using DHL, and ticking that checkbox, means one less hassle.

I’ll need to weigh up whether the DHL option is suitable in other ways, but it’s a good sign that more such services will be coming.