Apple have ripped me off again

Launched a new product and then one month later increased specs and dropped pricing on the related models. It’s a type of bait and switch – people (like me) wait for the announcement, then once we know what the new model(s) are we then make a decision to buy.

A month or two later, they then drop the prices and up the specs on the related models. This is not insignficant – 100’s of dollars off, and significant performance and spec improvements.

If they cared about their customers, they would announce the price and spec changes at the same time as the new models. Of course, they just want to clear their old stock – doesn’t matter. It still sucks to be a fan of Apple.

As a customer, I’ve felt ripped off by Apple’s behaviour on my last three purchases (my Powerbook, my iMac, and now the MacBook). I just wish there was a reasonable alternative… I wonder if this is the sort of thing to report to the ACCC?

  • I really feel for you but as you should know the ONLY thing you can be sure of in the tech game is there is always going to be something newer/cheaper/better just around the corner.

    Not that this really helps you now, but since Apple has changed to the Intel platform it is much easier to pick when they are going to rev a system. In this case Intel had released the Penryn based chips recently and because the rest of the PC world uses exactly the same hardware it was a fairly safe bet Apple would have to follow suit – if only to ‘keep up with the Jones”

  • Yeh – I know the march goes on etc. Although I once knew the latest and greatest and when they were coming out etc. I’ve long stopped focusing on that level – so I had no idea that there even was a “Penryn” based chip…

    It’s more the practice of staggering price reductions and speed bumps that bugs me, not so much that things keep moving. They make such a big deal of the conferences, and everyone waits (which damages their sales – one of the trade-offs of their extreme quest for secrecy) – and then to make up for their lost sales, they use what I consider duplicitous methods to suck punters into buying, when they know that in a month the new model is going to be significantly cheaper/faster.

    No other hardware manufacturer does it as far as I know – they announce a new model, when it’s coming, and then let the punters decide if it’s worth waiting for, and they reduce pricing in advance to increase their sales prior to the upgrade.

    I know it’s all part of “the Apple way” and how they build buzz. But it sucks for the customers, their fans. I’m resigned to the fact that every Mac I buy is going to end in this kind of result – which is a sad state of affairs really. I used to be a fanboy, now I wish they had real competition…

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