Radiohead album

Radiohead have announced their new album. They’ve skipped labels and are releasing independently. You can pre-order the album as a download or “disc box” here.

The “disc box” contains one vinyl LP + 2 CDs, plus the access to download the album on 10 Oct, all for 40 pounds. The disc boxes themselves will begin to be shipped in December – I expect to gauge demand and to establish numbers before production.

What’s most interesting, is you get to choose how much you pay if you go for the download only option. That is, they have not set a price – you add it to your cart and then specify how much you’ll pay for the downloads. Fascinating…

Anyways – I’m tossing up whether to part with the $120 odd bucks for the full box set. I probably won’t but I’ll have a think about it for a few days before deciding…

  • man, you’ve shown amazing restraint in not ordering the discbox straight away. i’d clicked, entered my credit card deets and checked for my confirmation email before drawing a breath!

    it’s a remarkable way to release an album for so many reasons. first, they manage to keep the means and date of release entirely under wraps and avoid an internet leak of the record, then the release is announced without any fanfare aside from a message on their official message board and an update of their website, and finally, they bypass the record label system entirely (ie, they are unsigned!) and essentially give the album away as a digital download. the discbox version cleverly recognises and caters to all of the means by which people take in their music, comprising three formats, a digital download, audio and enhanced cd’s, and finally a double set of vinyl. sweet.

    bring on october 10!

  • Something to do with having just spent over $150 on CDs in the past few weeks and a couple of grand on a guitar and amp 😉

    Mebbe after next payday…

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