Hey Joe, know an Eskimo?


My employer, Digital Eskimo, are looking for Producers, Designers and Flash coders at the moment, and we’ve launched a new initiative that we’ve affectionately called The Babushkimos to try and find the right people.

The basic gist is if you refer someone that lands the gig at DE, you’ll get a cut of $2000. If you’re the direct referrer, that is the person that referred the person, you get $1000. If you are the second in line (i.e. you send it on to someone who refers the new Eskimo) you get $500 and so on.

But there’s a much cuter representation (and more detailed description) on the Babushkimo page. So if ya know someone, pass it on 🙂

  • Ha, nice end game ref: recruitment agencies – $2k is cheap! I’ll keep that in mind when I’m next on the lookout for talent…

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