Mention in Next

Seems I got a mention in today’s Next insert (in the SMH and Age): It’s web take 2.0. I had a few words to say on page 2 regarding WWF’s use of social media tools like blogs (and blogs) and YouTube and Flickr and MySpace and wikis (used internally).

(Just a quick note – the interview was done a few weeks ago while I was still working at WWF).

I haven’t seen the print edition yet, but they came and took my photo too. Not sure if it made the cut though… Yep – they used the photo. Big one too… Feels weird…

  • Well done Grant! Great comments from you and an interesting article (will have to check out the print version!). It’s a pity they didn’t actually mention the Futuremakers blog by name (as far as I could see) but good that WWF got a bit of a plug.

  • Good stuff Grant, and it’s good to hear that WWF is open to new technology and the concept of social media.


  • awesome grant. you deserve the recognition. last night at dinner you were way to modest in taking some acknowledgment for what you achieved for WWF in this area. you really impacted the earth. mother nature is proud of you dude!

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