From NIN to Chick

The last two nights have been awesome – getting to see some great music from opposite ends of the spectrum.

On Wednesday night I joined Tobes and when and saw Nine Inch Nails, as they tour on the back of their new album Year Zero.

The venue was the Big Top at Luna Park – the sound was really good, especially when I was in the crowd near the front. An amazing amount of energy in the band – despite a few technical glitches – right up there from start to finish.

Standout tracks, for me, were Survivalism, Heresy”, and Hurt (one of my favourite, all-time NIN tracks – I was stoked when they played it, despite the loud-mouthed f&*kwits that were talking behind me most of the way through).

Yet last night I found myself on the other side of the bridge, literally and figuratively, at the Sydney Opera House watching jazz legend Chick Corea with Gary Burton and the Sydney Symphony.

I really wanted to see this gig (it’s not often you get to see Chick Corea in oz) but wouldn’t have made it except for the generosity of my new employer who arranged tickets for the team.

Both Chick and Gary were amazing musicians – and the folks I was with likened the musical interplay between them as being akin to dancing. It really was an awesome show – some of the symphony arrangements didn’t quite hit the mark, but there were some beautiful and magic moments. A very special event that I’ll remember for some time.

If only every week was filled with as much inspiration!