MySpace and CD sales

Scott Andrew posts about one band’s experience with being a featured artist on MySpace. [via 37signals]

Being in a band who is about to record, I was really interested in learning more. The short of it, despite significant exposure and friends signing up, not one CD sold. But a big jump in mailing list sign-ups.

Most of the commenters on the posts focus on “well perhaps the band sucked” argument (which is kinda valid). But what about usability? How hard was it to buy the CD? How well promoted was the CD on the MySpace profile? Scott alludes to this in his post, but unless the band in question is known, so we can check out the profile and see what the experience was like for the punter, we have no idea whether other factors were responsible for low sales. The other telling thing is there’s no indication of iTunes sales, yet.

Perhaps out of those 1200 people, a number bought downloads. Perhaps a few attempted to purchase the CD, but failed (which is more common than it should be). Perhaps it was just the demographic. Perhaps Scott’s analysis is spot on – and he does make some good points, especially suggesting additional promotions that may have tipped sales.

So unfortunately we only know a little bit more about marketing bands through MySpace. But still interesting nonetheless.