Laurel has the best description I’ve seen of PayPal, ever:

Even if there had been a PayPal donation button on the screen, chances are I wouldn’t have bothered. Too hard. Paying by PayPal is the equivalent of seeing a gossip mag in a newsagency, putting it on the desk, scooting across 2 streets dodging traffic to the bank, lining up, getting a bank cheque for $1.20, paying the bank a small fee, running back… only by this time, another page errr store has caught your eye and you are off window shopping again.

I know some people that have great experience with PayPal. Mine experience has been woeful. On one site I visited that accepted credit card payments via PayPal, it wouldn’t let me pay using the card because it was listed in my PayPal account. A forgotten password, and expired card, and 30 minutes later I was able to pay.

I think the trick is if you use PayPal regularly, it’s ok. But if you’re an irregular user, like I am, it’s a nightmare. Too many hoops. Too many “security” features that stop me from making a payment. Too hard…

I considered it once for the WWF site. And I’m considering it as a method of payments for the Fuzu EP. If only there was an alternative that fulfills the promise…

Laurel goes on to make some suggestions (which are interesting), but what made me laugh was her description. Perfect!