At the Hopetoun

Me playing with Fuzu at the Hopetoun Hotel 23-Apr-2007 © Charlie Brewer

My band Fuzu played at the Hopetoun Hotel last night, and a friend of the band, Charlie Brewer, has posted some great shots over at Flickr.

The photo above is probably my favourite shot of me playing I’ve seen so far and I wanted to share it (sorry to be so vain…). Kinda sums up “me” at the moment.

Cars and CO2

Jason Kottke points to this great visualisation of the amount of CO2 a car produces each day.

This has to be the best visualisation I’ve seen of emissions from cars…

(It’s interesting that I found out about this action through Jason’s blog, and not WWF itself – the power of social media eh?)

Buying a bike

Just posted a request over at Future is man made. I’m buying a bike and I’m looking for info – check it out and leave a comment if you have any thoughts…

WWF is hiring (again)

WWF is looking for an Online Communications Manager.

For the observant, yes. That is indeed my job.

I’ve taken up a position with Digital Eskimo (check out this YouTube video to find out a bit about my new workplace), and I’ll be starting there first week of May.

There are a number of reasons why I’ve made the leap, which I might expand on later. Suffice to say that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at WWF, and that I’m looking forward to tackling my new role 🙂

So, if anyone knows anyone (other than me) who might be suitable for the role – let ’em know 😉

Earth Hour results

Well – Earth Hour was a lot of fun, and a roaring success.

Check out the official press release for more detail, but the highlights are:

  • An estimated 2 million Sydneysiders participated by switching off their lights or taking other energy saving measures;
  • A 10.2% drop in energy usage across the Sydney CBD;
  • A significant drop in energy usage across Western Sydney – the same amount of electricity required to power 6500 homes.

Ang and I walked through Circular Quay for the start of Earth Hour, then attended the WWF fundraiser event.

On the bus on the way to the Quay, I started noticing the difference at around World Square, with Ernst & Young having their lights off. IAG was amazingly dark.

When we got the the Quay, AXA and AMP were both in darkness. A lot of the restaurants around the Quay were also candlelit.

It was both eery and cool and exciting to be walking through the city. You really could notice the difference. I’ve heard a report of a cab driver thinking there was a city blackout…

The Earth Hour Flickr group has some great shots. The before and after of Centrepoint is great, as is the blurry one at the end. Although side-by-side they don’t look as impressive, when you overlay one after the other the difference is amazing!

What’s really cool is a lot of the businesses remained in darkness all weekend – meaning an even bigger energy saving. Integral noted the same thing in the areas where they operate.

Anyways – had a great night, and it feels wonderful to be part of the team that made it happen. I’ll remember it fondly for a long, long time methinks…