Home water savings a drop in the ocean

The Age: Home savings virtually negligible: expert.

At a water seminar held at Woodford music festival, the dude giving the talk indicated that around 70% of water used in Australia was for irrigation and agriculture.

This highlights one of the big frustrations for me, wanting to live more sustainably. I know, some of the time, that the savings are much smaller than those that could be achieved if business (or government) stepped up to the plate.

My take on it is similar to Mr Byron’s:

“One of the good things about these small gestures is they indicate public interest and buy-in, that is the public care about this issue, they’re concerned about it, and they want to help.

“That’s terrific for when it gets to the really serious stage, and we really need to do something that involves a little bit of pain, the public is already onside,” he said.

“But these little gestures will not even get us close to where we want go. If every man, woman and child in Australia was to do it, the difference in water use would be negligible.

“The problem is the big actions carry with them a pretty big tag, but rather than bite the bullet and adopt some of the big changes needed, we’re told to be satisfied with making these symbolic gestures.”

What do you think?

  • Totally agree with this. I keep seeing examples of total lack of care in the business sector. Our Avaya building manager has only just implemented recycling in Feb this year. I felt like going down there and giving them a serve. Something like “It’s the year 2007 you simpletons!”

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