• jeepers its fast!

    one thing that troubles me is we burn coal to make steam to make electricity to drive the car. i feel like there could be a lot of energy leakage in that process so unless us humans build up the renewable energy supply we may do more damage to the environment using an electric car. e.g. if we have 10s of thousands of these things we may burn more coal in the short term 🙁

    dont get me wrong i’m all for it i just know stupid humans create problems when they attempt to solve them. e.g. the nuclear bomb

    i might try and find some stats on this but i would love to hear if anyones finds out any info on the topic.

  • yeh – coal-fired power is sooooo inefficient, as well as spewing out enormous amounts of CO2. This is one of the criticisms leveled at the EV1 in Who Killed the Electric Car. But, at the moment at least, someone who’s interested in an all-electric vehicle is probably using Green Power, or at least planning on doing so.

    Tesla Motors were actually considering a package (in fact they might actually have one) where you pay a bit more up front to get the solar panels required to offset the energy use of the car. Their spin on it is a “negative emissions vehicle” 😉

    Cars charging will often occur at night, during off-peak periods, which I’ve read some people suggest might actually help the energy grid. But I can’t find the reference right now.

    I know that 70% of Australia’s emissions come from electricity generation, which is mostly coal. That’s one of the reasons Earth Hour is focused on efficiency and Green Power. What stats specifically were you after?

  • thats really good info thanks, zero emission vehicle is the way to go. i was wondering what the fuel equivalent consumption is. i.e. how much CO2 comes from 100km of electric (coal fired power) versus fossil fuels.

  • I’m not sure on those stats exactly

    On a similar note, though, Tesla Motors have put some pretty interesting stuff up on their blog. This presentation in particular:

    Some of that presentation is covered in the blog, but it shows the amount of energy required to power an electric vs. hybrid vs. biofuels cars. And also the land mass required to provide that energy. Unfortunately it doesn’t show the CO2 from coal vs. fuel – so I’ll have to do some digging…

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