Another really powerful film I saw a little while back was Downfall – a German film about the last days of Hitler’s reign leading up to his suicide.

The film has received many accolades, so I was looking forward to seeing it. It’s a pretty impressive film, if only through it’s restraint. Hitler is often portrayed as this larger than life, devil-incarnate character. This film portrays a man who is deeply troubled, and deeply flawed – but without the over-the-top dramatisation.

The film is set in Hitler’s bunker. One of the strange things I found is how everyone was going to great lengths to make the bunker feel normal. The decor was very much modeled after a house – not the concrete bunker I would expect.

But the other thing that I found amazing is that no-one topped him in those final days. As it’s portrayed in the film, it’s clear he’s completely lost the plot, and that even his closest allies realise it’s all coming to an end.

It’s a very good theme – I definitely recommend it.