Customer intelligence

Leisa says: “If you’re smart enough to look for customer intelligence (who’s stopped buying what), then be smart enough to respect a customer’s intelligence.”

Spot on! I’ve had experiences like this in the past. What’s worse is when some rep asks you why you’re leaving, then you tell them, and you just know they’ve not actually taken any interest in what you’ve said, and probably because there’s absolutely nothing they can do about it anyway… If you ask – be prepared to back it up and respond.

Better still, take the time up-front to ask your customers what they want, then build a better service – just like Freshview have done with the billing component of their new MailBuild service. They proposed some ideas, asked for feedback. Got 500 responses, and recrafted their offering based on that feedback. I can see a lot of happy customers coming…

On a complete side note: I was interviewed by the AFR today about Campaign Monitor, Freshview’s other product. I’m constantly impressed by the service, and Freshview’s customer service and approach to things – so it was an easy interview to do 😉