Climate change debate gaining traction

The Age: Govt ‘spends on ads, not climate change’. Glad to see Labor capitalising on an argument some have been making for a while.

The papers are awash with climate change related articles. A very good sign indeed. But the front page of The Age made me smile with this one:

MORE than six in 10 Australians are dissatisfied with the Howard Government’s response to global warming — and are prepared to pay extra to cut greenhouse emissions.

An overwhelming 91 per cent regard global warming as “very” or “somewhat” serious, a ACNielsen/ Age poll has found. But people believe renewable energy is a better solution than nuclear.

(Emphasis mine) Given all the spin and bluster around nuclear, I’m really glad that people are seeing through it. And for once the right question was asked – not if nuclear could be viable and whether or not they accept it, but whether nuclear is preferred over alternatives.

Perhaps this is the wake up call the government needs? Still not holding my breath – but wow! The coverage has been amazing. Now to leverage that and turn it into lasting action…

This cartoon takes the cake though – published with the Age article above:

Cartoon in the Age - 7 Nov 2006