New home

Well after a stressful couple of weeks, I can finally announce that I’ve just bought an apartment! The news came through at 4.30pm today, giving us 30 mins to scramble the deposit cheque to the agent. But the deed is done!

We picked up a one bedroom loft-style apartment right in the center of Newtown (just near the RPA Hospital for those that know the area). We move in very early December (we’re not sure on the exact date yet). It’s a 20 min walk to work, so I’m looking forward to that too – clearing my head, listening to podcasts and avoiding overcrowded buses – ahhh bliss…

This is the first apartment/house/home that I’ve ever owned – so it’s quite exciting and quite daunting all at once. But I’m really looking forward to having my own space, without having to deal with housemates and real estate agents and all the baggage that comes with share-housing. I’ve had a pretty good run where I am now (except for the dampness and cold in winter), but it’s definitely time to move on.