Podcast updates and Apple’s helpful support (not).

On Tuesday arvo I added the David Suzuki interview to our podcast feed. I checked the iTunes store and it hadn’t appeared. I waited until the next morning and it still hadn’t appeared. So I rang Apple’s tech support. Mistake…

After an hour on the phone they pointed me to the forums for iTunes Store. Those who are familiar with my griping in the past about Apple’s lack of support will remember that those forums are not monitored or contributed to by Apple support personnel. It’s a “fend for yourselves” type of vibe.

Needless to say it wasn’t a particularly helpful or useful response. I suggested to the support person that this was an admission that Apple did not support the iTunes Store – and amazingly they agreed! I’m sure it was a slip up – but it’s a little close to the truth.

Despite pleading with the support rep to provide me with an email address to talk to a real person within Apple that might be able to help, they were unable to assist me.

So I posted to the message board. What else to do?

FTR – I didn’t receive a response on the message board. But this morning – about 36 hours later – the feed has been updated in the iTunes Store. So if you want to be notified of updates to podcasts, don’t rely on the iTunes Store to do it promptly – better to subscribe directly to the source feed.

My concern is that we submit our feeds to the iTunes Store to make it easier for people to find, subscribe and be updated easily in iTunes. And yet when there’s an issue with the feed, Apple’s support is nowhere to be found. In this case it was simply a delay of a day and a half. But what if it was a more serious issue? What then?

Just another in a long list of failures of Apple to support this customer…