David Suzuki

David Suzuki was just in the WWF Sydney office!!!! He was gracious enough to make time to talk to our CEO Greg Bourne for a video interview (hopefully the results will be available online in time for WWF’s next monthly email bulletin) and then talk to the team in the Sydney office.

A few years ago now, well before I was actively interested in the environment, I read Sacred Balance and it totally changed my view of nature and the environment. I’ve since read Good news for a change which was a real eye opener as well – and got me totally inspired. To see him in person was soooooooo cool!

His short talk to us was inspiring – his advice? Don’t burn yourself out. He also suggested that it will take approx. 20 years for our energy infrastructure to be transformed – and given that it’s pretty clear we are running out of oil, we need to move quickly.

He was so down to earth and completely inspiring. And he looks about 20 years younger than he is – an amazing person.


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