Marketese in resumes

I’m working through a bunch of applications for the Web Developer position at WWF. I’ve come across a bunch of resumes that include a “Profile” or “Objective” at the top.

The last time I did my resume I had one of these too. But what I’ve realised is that most people just put fluff in there. Stuff like: “experience in delivering business solutions”, “increase revenue by providing web tools and web information using latest technologies”, “having strong passion in e-commerce marketing concepts”.

Can anyone say “marketese”? Of course, I appreciate people actually telling me what their career objectives are, but in almost every case the applicants haven’t. They’ve just put buzz-words and meaningless catch phrases in there.

When I was applying for my position at WWF I had a similar part of my resume. I used it to outline the fact that I wanted to move from the corporate sector into a position that was more aligned with my values. It was there to help demonstrate that although my experience was in the corporate sector, I was really motivated to shift into the non-profit and community organisation field. It was an attempt to provide added insight into why I was applying for the specific position. (I’m pretty sure I had fluff there for the jobs I wasn’t really interested in, and maybe that’s telling?)

But none of the applicants so far have used this device effectively. They’ve probably been told that it’s a requirement of putting together a resume and done the best they could to fulfill that requirement. I just wish they’d used it to tell me something real and meaningful, rather than what they thought I might want to see.

I should say that I’m certainly not holding anything against the specific applicants. I’m just noting it as a trend, and a note for the next time (in the distant future) I’ll have to put together a resume again.