Texas to build 11 new coal-fired power stations

At work I’ve learnt beyond a shadow of a doubt that global warming is real and societally we need to change the way we generate electricity. Australia is the largest greenhouse gas emitter per-capita, but overall our impact is minimal on the global scale.

The U.S. is the biggest emitter of the greenhouse gases responsible for global warming. TXU, Texas’ largest electricity provider, is planning 11 new coal-fired power stations in the coming months, which will emit 78 million tons of carbon dioxide. (For comparison, Australia has around 32 coal-fired power stations – this map shows some of them.)

U.S. based Environmental Defense is running an email campaign urging the head of TXU to not build the coal-fired power stations.

This decision will impact all of us – not just Texans – so it’d be great if you could consider sending an email, as a concerned global citizen, to TXU.


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