Lack of updates

I’ve been busy doing an end-of-year review of the WWF-Australia website as part of a broader performance review and I’ve been busy doing charts, reviewing stats, and trying to work out why our search engine traffic jumped significantly over the past three months (yes, probably boring to you, but I really wanna know why that happened).

It’s mostly good news – the site performed above our targets on most fronts ($$ raised, visits + visitors etc.) – so I’m pretty happy with how we’ve gone in “year one”, so-to-speak.

The net result, though, has been not a lot of posting here. Although most of that process is done, I’ve still got heaps on which means posting might continue to be a bit light over the next few weeks.

But in the meantime, a couple of quick things:

  • I was stoked to see that The Devoted Few are supporting Eskimo Joe (dates and venues here)
  • We’re tracking drums and (hopefully) guitar for a demo with my new band tomorrow
  • Bush finally succumbs to the pressure of actually obeying the law (for once)
  • Loving Something for Kate’s “Desert Lights” – my fave lyric is from Impossible: "And I don’t want to be the rain/Falling on her impossible parade/So as sure as I can believe in anything/I will bite my tongue and believe in impossible things"

Anyways, ciao for now…