Chandler 0.6

In a round about way I revisited Chandler – a personal information manager currently under development. They are still in progress, and my first response was “how’s this different to iCal”. But looking more closely at the breakdown of features for the calendar I noticed it actually has some nice touches.

The timezones feature is exactly as I would expect a calendar to function, and I am amazed that other calendar solutions don’t work that way. This is useful for me when we’re working on international press releases, conference calls/video-conferences.

The second feature is the fact you can assign a single event to more than one “collection” (which seems analagous to the multiple calendars option in iCal – though I’m sure there’s a lot more to them than that).

I’ve been discussing with a few folks around here how we might manage an organisation wide calendar. Being able to assign events to multiple collections would allow us to have different “lenses” to the same information.

Let’s say we release our Futuremakers email on 19 July. This particular event (the release) has organisation wide significance, so therefore may be included in the “organisation” collection. It is also a communications team product, so would also be included in the “communications team” collection (containing all the stuff our team is responsible for). And it may also be the last item in the project plan for the actual newsletter – let’s say the “Futuremakers email” collection.

I’m not sure if other calendaring solutions support this type of framing (collections, lenses etc.) – but it would certainly be useful for us for that purpose.

Very cool, and worth keeping an eye on.

Update 13-07: Had a bit more of a look today – support for CalDAV (for calendar sharing) and the ability to sync with any server (not just locked into a proprietary one like iCal is) are major bonuses. I’d be seriously interested if I could find a phone/pda to sync/share calendars with it.