More on carbon sequestration

The other day, in response to Al Gore’s speech at the TED conference, I mentioned that “the jury is still out on Carbon Storage and Sequestration (CSS)”. Today, the SMH reports that issues have been found with one method of storage:

CARBON dioxide buried underground has dissolved the minerals that help keep the dangerous greenhouse gas from escaping, US scientists have revealed.

Researchers testing the viability of injecting CO2 into saline sedimentary aquifers, in a US Government experiment in Texas, found it caused carbonates and other minerals to dissolve rapidly, which could allow CO2 and brine to leak into the water table.

CSS may one day present an option, and may be one of many solutions to the climate crisis. But the government and many in industry keep waiting and waiting for untested or problematic technology to allow us to keep a “business as usual” attitude. Solutions exist today. We simply need the political will to make it happen.