Is the electric car really dead?

There’s a new movie coming out called “Who killed the electric car?” which looks very interesting. But as Joel Makower clearly explains, the electric car is far from dead.

I’ve been following the “plug-in hybrid” story for a little while. Basically, when the Prius came out, a lot of people were asking Toyota if there was a way to get their cars to run purely on electric power. Toyota basically said that there wasn’t a market, so a whole bunch of enterprising hobbiests and businesses started working out how they could do the conversions themselves – and succeeded.

There is growing interest in all electric cars, with battery and motor technologies finally getting to a point to make them feasible. I do hope, however, that as electric cars become more common-place, our energy use also switches to clean sources. Otherwise much of the benefit in terms of emissions reductions could be lost.