EchoDitto on the Pew blogging report

EchoDitto on the Pew Report on Bloggers.

The full report is on my reading list for when I travel to WA in a week’s time, but Terrence’s overview is very useful. I particularly like this pullquote:

But the numbers have to be combined with common sense. Blogging requires internet access (79% of bloggers surveyed have broadband), access to a PC, enough knowledge to use both, and enough leisure time to read and write blog posts; all of which usually requires a certain degree of education and economic privilege. Put all of that together and you get a clearer picture of who’s being “democratized” and whose voices are being empowered.


WWF stuff

I’ll keep this reasonably short – yesterday we posted a news article that I thought was pretty cool: Sony to lower its CO2 emissions. Sony has committed to reducing it’s emissions by 7% of 2000 levels by 2010 – that’s for all it’s operations globally.

We need to collectively reduce our emissions by 60% by around 2050, so I suspect they’ll still have a way to go after 2010, but it’s still a good step forward.

The other thing is we’re running a petition at the moment calling on a firm target and timetable to reduce greenhouse gas pollution, the primary driver of global warming, by 30% by 2030. It’d be great to get heaps of signatures for the petition, so it’d be great if you can check it out, add your name and pass it on if you can.

It’s not anywhere near as fancy as Amnesty message in a bottle campaign, but a start nonetheless…

Cross-media ownership

Paul Keating:

I was pilloried by the Canberra Press Gallery when I said in 1995 that John Howard, then Opposition leader, had given a commitment to the late Kerry Packer that upon achieving office, he, Howard, would remove the cross media rules, which at the time were frustrating Publishing and Broadcasting Limited’s attempts to acquire control of John Fairfax Holdings.

In the decade since, nothing has changed, other than that, in that time, the Howard Government has mounted two serious forays to remove the cross media rules, attempts which were defeated by a majority of those opposite in the Senate. Now, with nominal control of the Senate, the government is backing up for a third go, only this time, it has the prima facie ability to succeed.

The changes announced by Senator Coonan are not, in any sense, a reform. Rather, they are the working out of that undertaking given by John Howard all those years ago.

Interesting article (thanks Baz).


Robert Fisk: From My Home, I Saw What the “War on Terror” Meant.

I was watching an ABC report the other night that stated how many people were killed in a Lebanese attack, but completely failed to state how many were killed in the Israeli response. And why is it the “Arab-Israeli conflict” when so much of the killing and conflict is caused by Israel – perhaps we should start calling it the “Israeli-Arab conflict” – say that out loud. Sounds weird doesn’t it.

We are subtly conditioned, and the order of those two words, which probably isn’t deliberate (probably just alphabetised), speaks volumes to how this conflict is and will be reported.

I’m ashamed to say I’m not 100% clear on what prompted this particular attack (a scan of news reports had me believing that it was in retaliation to the capture of two Israeli soldiers). But the hallmarks of the reportage of the attack are all too familiar, and particularly apparent to me having read Robert’s book. I wish I had more time at the moment to dig deeper into the news. (Perhaps I’m guilty of “Sunstein syndrome” too.)

Miguel posts a quote from which I will sub-quote from – I think it pretty much captures my feelings:

Meanwhile, the partisans on each side, content to ignore the humanity of “the Other,” rush to assure their constituencies that the enemy is always to blame. Each such effort is pointless. We have a struggle that has been going on for over a hundred years. Who tosses the latest match into the tinder box matters little. What matters is how to repair the situation. The blame game only succeeds in diverting attention from that central issue.

I said to Ang last night, I don’t want someone to attack Israel. Violence begets violence. America could pull the plug on this series of attacks immediately – first by calling on Israel to stop, and if that failed, threatening withdrawal of it’s military support for the country. It won’t happen, but if peace is truly what the U.S. wants (and I don’t think it does, though I fail to see any benefit to this conflict for the US), that’s all that’s required.

Ugly is good

Ze Frank: "Ugly when compared to pre-existing notions of taste is a bummer. But ugly as a representation of mass experimentation and learning is pretty damn cool."

I keep hearing about Ze Frank – this is the first one I’ve checked out. I’m intrigued…

She said yes!

On Sunday night I plucked up the courage to ask Angela if she would like to marry me. For some strange reason she said yes! So we are now engaged 🙂 And I have had a smile from ear to ear since… I wonder when that wears off? :p

No further plans had been made as yet (we’re ring shopping at the moment, and will probably work out a date for the ceremony over the next month or so). But it all seems so natural to be where we are in our relationship that I’m sure it will all work out very smoothly.

But we’re both very happy and looking forward to whatever’s next…