Nice to have working wifi again…

Yesterday I finally bit the bullet and updated my wireless router. Intermittent drop-outs, and a theory that my iMac wifi woes were partly related to my three year old Netgear router got the better of me.

I decided that I’d also try to get an all in one router/wifi/modem to remove the bunch of spaghetti in the lounge room where my ADSL connection is. I eventually settled on the Netcomm NB9W on the recommendation of my good friends John and Kris.

I’ve not been disappointed. Set-up was as easy as it gets. Having done a few of these kind of things before I didn’t need any assistance. If you’ve not installed and ADSL modem/router etc. you may need to check the manual first.

Once I got Ang’s iBook working on the wifi connection, I then set up my iMac. And I am happy to say that it seems that it’s all working perfectly (touch wood!).

Large downloads have been fine, and I’ve had no drop-outs or interference issues. Connecting from the iBook to the iMac for file sharing has shown no issues at all.

So, although the other macs I’ve been using have had no issues with my old router, it seems to be the culprit with the iMac. I’m just happy that I can browse again without the worry of timeouts and crashes, and that Ang and I can share files without having to connect via firewire.

Now, if only I could resolve those .Mac issues…