Moved to WordPress

If you can read this, I’ve finally made the transition to WordPress. One bug too many in MovableType (the inability to save posts even after doing a fresh install) and I’d reached my limit.

All the archives are still there (one good thing about MovableType is the ability to create static files), but any new posts will come through WordPress instead.

I’m using the Squible theme for the moment – it has just the right features built-in – but I’ll probably be tweaking for weeks (if not months) to come.

I’ve actually switched to K2 – having some issues with the Squible theme displaying long-form posts on the home page.

  • Nice new look, buddy! I hope you enjoy using WordPress – I don’t know anyone that uses it and that doesn’t enjoy it. 😉

    But you really should look into importing all your old MT pages into WP. Your archive is, from an end-user POV, gone (since there are no links to your old blog entries in the ‘archives’ list on the side of each page). This will give new visitors the impression that you’re a fledgling blogger n00b, which would be a sad and untrue conclusion to make.

    I understand that WP has MT conversion tools built-in, to make this a snap:

    Also, where’s the comment preview gone?

  • Hi Jeremy – the importing facility for WordPress is no good for me because, afaik, it doesn’t import comments, but it also doesn’t keep the URL structure the same (which defeats half the purpose). Although I’ve not fully looked into it – so I may be mistaken. Will have to check that out. The most annoying thing is that old entries do not appear in the search.

    I’m also not sure if WordPress supports comment preview out of the box – will have to look into it. I’ve honestly had about an hour to get this installation up and running, so I haven’t resolved a lot of the niggling things that I want to get sorted.


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