Band news

Been busy working on material with my new band the last few weeks. We’ve got a guitarist on board and so far the fit seems pretty good – it’s certainly been fun jamming.

And I think I’m starting to get comfortable working with a band in terms of writing stuff on the computer – how to take a live jam and pull together the sequenced stuff around it.

I’m hoping that we can finalise a few tracks (2-3) to record a demo in the next few weeks. I’ll be sure to post the results if the come up ok. Once we’ve got that we’ll start pimpin for some gigs around town.

In related news, I’m jamming with Centipede on Wednesday night to see if I might fit the bass chair. I love their first CD, so I’m stoked to be invited. Thanks Baz for the big nudge 😉

I really wanted to see if I could find a purely bass gig after I got the new band up and running. This opportunity came up a bit sooner than I would have planned, but I’m very excited all the same. Hopefully the jam will go well. Fingers crossed…