Letter to the editor

Following is the Letter to the Editor WWF sent to The Australian regarding yesterday’s article. Tellingly, it hasn’t been printed (yet).

In reference to the article in The Australian ‘WWF boss to push n-power at meeting’, WWF’s policy is unchanged – nuclear power is not a renewable resource and should be phased out (as should hydrocarbons) and is not the solution to global warming. WWF’s Global Energy Taskforce has been asked to conduct a rigorous study into the energy mix that could feasibly deliver major reductions in greenhouse gas emissions – accompanied by an assessment of the environmental, social and economic consequences of this mix. We will not pre-empt what the conclusions of this taskforce will be. The statement in The Australian that I have "gone to London to lobby the international organisation to overturn its anti-nuclear stance" is simply untrue.

Greg Bourne
CEO, WWF-Australia

So there you have it, from the source.

As an aside I was talking to someone last night about this and they reflected that they were glad to see an environmental organisation that was open to things and not just blocking everything. It’s a pity that their opinion was formed as a result of untruths…

  • Grant,

    Thanks for the update. Has Greg given you guys any idea what the disconnect here was between the story and reality?

    Also, I suppose that this means that Greg’s earlier statements on Uranium mining in Australia are still operative, so to speak?

  • Hi Eric – I’m not sure what happened with the disconnect, but as you can see from the letter (and my comments regarding the website”) that it’s plainly untrue.

    Regarding Greg’s earlier comments on uranium, I can only assume you are refering to the piece a few days earlier also in The Australian?

    If so, you can see my view (which is all I can give you – I don’t speak for WWF on this weblog) in an earlier post.

    I suppose the best way to clarify is in Greg’s own words – in the 2005 Hawke Lecture his comments seem to me to say that uranium mining is happening today, and without opposition from the two leading political parties here in Australia this doesn’t seem likely to change, we must ensure that exported uranium is used for peaceful uses and that waste is managed safely.

    The specific quote (taken from the transcript):
    “Australians are also the world’s second largest exporters of uranium into a growing world demand. Australia seems destined to continue mining and exporting but we should not be mining in fragile and endangered ecosystems. The Australian public needs to know that the uranium is being used for peaceful purposes, that the waste products are being stored safely and that proliferation cannot occur. We should demand that of our leaders and of the mining companies; it is not sufficient to just cross our fingers and hope. But we Australians should not confuse exporting a mineral with having nuclear power plants at home. We do not need them. We are a nation the size of a continent. We have more renewable resources per person than any other nation on earth. More sunlight, more wind, more wave and tidal power, more hot rocks and plenty of ingenuity. We just need the will and the encouragement.”

    Hope that clarifies.

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