What’s going on?

This is the usual disclosure: I work for WWF. The views expressed here are my own and not those of WWF-Australia.

So, I’m having a break in Melbourne today, and open up the Australian to page 3 and find this headline: WWF boss to push N-power at meeting.

It’s by our good friend Amanda Hodge (again), and is full of unsupported rubbish (again).

Let’s address one thing straight up. In the article Amanda claims that:

The Australian understands he also ordered the organisation’s global anti-nuclear policy be removed from WWF Australia’s website in March.

I’m the manager of WWF-Australia’s website. Content doesn’t get added or removed without my knowledge. There has never been any request to remove our “anti-nuclear policy” from our website, nor have I, or any other member of staff, removed such a policy. So, this is a total fabrication.

As for claims that Greg intends to “lobby the international organisation to overturn its anti-nuclear stance”, I’ve never heard Greg even suggest that WWF should change it’s stance. Although I’m not super close to Greg, and therefore don’t know what his exact plans are, I’d be extremely surprised if that was his intention. (I’d also love to know which “industry” this insider if from – the nuclear industry? The environment movement?)

There’s been no ripples anywhere in the organisation that I’ve detected about any change in nuclear policy, nor of any plan for Greg to lobby for a change in international policy. One would expect that we would have had some inkling of such a big shift in policy.

The only word of nuclear I’ve heard in the meetings I’ve been involved in are to make sure we understand the arguments being made for nuclear as a solution to climate change so that we can respond to them when arguing for renewables. As an organisation that advocates solar, wind and biomass as a practical solutino, we need to answer and respond to the nuclear lobby’s arguments if we are to maintain credibility with the private sector and government.

I really don’t know what’s going on at The Australian, but this is certainly getting out of hand. Perhaps someone isn’t too happy about the recently released report that shows that solutions to global warming are affordable. Who knows…

To anyone that’s reading this out there (all six of you), can you help spread the word about this rubbish through your blogs or even just in conversation with your friends, workmates and family.