Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is affordable and achievable

WWF-Australia: Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is affordable and achievable.

One of the common “myths” propagated by vested interests and the government is that we can’t afford to reduce our emissions because it would cost too much and damage the economy.

Now, AGL aren’t the cleanest kids on the block – they ranked number 9 of 14 in the last electricity watch scorecard. And yet even they acknowledge that it is doable.

We seem to be close to a tipping point (if it’s not already been reached) in the media and business sphere’s approach to climate change (aka global warming). Lets hope that the talk turns into action.

Personal action (i.e. switching to Green Power) is only one part of the solution. Business and government do need to step in to create the systemic changes required to radically reduce our CO2 emissions.